Cabinet Refinishing

Get a brand new kitchen, Resurface your cabinets & countertops to update instantly  without the cost of remodeling!

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Countertop Refinishing

Faux stone countertops in all colors and textures! Check out the color gallery for ideas and inspiration, the combinations are endless.

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Kitchen Cabinet Painting to remodel with a fraction the budget of replacing or refacing

Get the beautiful designer kitchens you find on Houzz and HGTV shows! Why replace perfectly good cabinets when you make them over by refinishing?

Choose from a large selection of beautiful colors to reglaze countertop surfaces. Stone Colors too:

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Cabinet Refinishing Services

Want to update your kitchen, or just add a little color? Remodeling and renovating a kitchen can be expensive! It can be a tough investment to justify removing and replacing perfectly good and functioning cabinets, when all you want is a darker or lighter color, or even just an island accent splash of color. BRS, Inc. can give you what you’re looking for in a kitchen renovation by painting those cabinets, and get it done in a day! Factory-like finishes that can only be done by a professional.
No need to wait for remodeling permits, you can have a brand new designer-looking kitchen in a day. High quality, professional painting and reglazing done by experts with decades of experience and hundreds of positve recommendations.

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